Our community


Generation Community is a social and economic initiative founded on the common interest of our members. Our aim is to develop and invest in socially beneficial projects that build community knowledge and resilience, alleviate fuel poverty, and support the sustainability and security of UK energy supplies. We want to build a future where social inclusion and sustainability are at the core of our society.


We will achieve our vision through focussing investment on maximising social benefit through community asset ownership and engagement across the UK.

We want to empower investors to create a new energy infrastructure, where:

  • everyone can access affordable low-carbon energy
  • the UK is not reliant on fossil fuels to meet our energy needs
  • our lifestyles don’t destroy our environment
  • wealth is distributed fairly between communities
  • social inclusion and and sustainability are at the core of our society

We call this Generation Community. Join us and help create the new generation.

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