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Underwriting – What is it, why bother & do we need it?

Andy Heald – explains underwriting, 14th July 2016

“In its simplest form underwriting is a loan to your project, ahead of the project raising the finance required, on the promise that if the finance is not raised, the underwriter will commit their monies to the project on the pre-agreed terms.”

Social bonds to invest £60m in community solar projects

Local Gov, 9th July 2014

“The £60m initiative between Gen Community, Social Finance and the solar arm of British Gas will be targeted at projects that reinvest energy income back into communities.”

British Gas to spearhead community energy push to put solar on 8,000 roofs 

Blue and Green Tomorrow, 9th July 2014

“British Gas has teamed up with energy co-op Generation Community and not-for-profit Social Finance to build solar energy projects that will benefit local communities”

Thousands of social homes to benefit from £60m British Gas solar partnership

Inside Housing, 8th July 2014

“More than 6,000 social homes will become rooftop solar sites as part of a £60m partnership between British Gas, Social Finance and Gen Community.”

‘How I teach – Why solar panels light up lessons’

Times Education Supplement, 13th June 2014

“Solar panels aren’t just a business opportunity for schools – the educational benefits are boundless.”

 ‘Generation Community wins 2014 REA Award’

Renewable Energy Association, 13th June 2014

“Energy Minister welcomes new REA Finance Forum and celebrates with 2014 REA Award winners “


‘Community share offer for schools’ solar plan’

The Independant, 25th April 2014

“Every additional £50,000 raised by a solar energy community share offer will mean another school will benefit from free energy. “


‘The children see these solar panels every day. They see it as the norm now’

Blue and Green Tomorrow, 8th April 2014

“Investors have less than a month left to invest in energy co-op Gen Community’s latest share offer. The goal is to raise £880,000 to fund the installation of solar panel systems on 25 Staffordshire schools, with £400,000 of that already raised. “


Share offer opens for Staffordshire Sunny Schools project

Renewable Energy Installer, 30th Jan 2014

“25 Staffordshire schools are set to benefit from a new PV project which aims to cut bills by providing free panels and teach kids about saving energy. “


Staffordshire Sunny Schools aims to give 25 schools solar makeover

Solar Power Portal, 30th Jan 2014

“Gen Community is hoping to raise enough money to install solar panels on 25 schools across Staffordshire with its Staffordshire Sunny Schools community offer.” 


Schools hope to raise £880k from community for solar

Energy Live News, 28th Jan 2014

“Twenty five schools are hoping to drum up £880,000 from the community to put solar panels on their rooftops.”

Four Staffordshire schools set to benefit from solar co-op project

Blue and Green Tomorrow, 15th Jan 2014

“Four schools in the borough of Stafford are set to benefit from the largest school-based community energy project to date, which is aiming to install solar panels on 25 buildings across the county.”

Solar co-operative seeks £880,000 for Staffordshire schools project

Blue and Green Tomorrow, 29th Dec 2013

“A project aiming to install solar panels at 25 schools across Staffordshire hopes to benefit local people, the schools involved and communities if it successfully raises the £880,000 it requires.”

Sun shining on South Wales solar share issue

The Guardian Social Enterprise Network, 9th Feb 2013

“It is estimated that nearly one in four households in Wales experience fuel poverty, with implications for health and well-being. By directing low-carbon investment into low-income communities, the newly formed community benefit society believes its scheme can cut annual electricity bills by up to 25% while paying a sustainable return to its ethical investors.”

Solar scheme generates fuel savings

The Daily Telegraph, 6th Feb 2013

“‘There is significant potential for community-owned renewable energy to deliver local economic and social benefits while, helping the UK to meet its energy needs and climate change goals.’ – Michael Fairclough, The Co-operative’s Head of Community and Co-opertive Investment”

Gen Community install first mutually owned solar PV panels on household in fuel poverty

Co-operative News, 4th Feb 2013

“Gen Community has been established to promote mutual ownership through the deployment of low carbon technologies. Arising from the failure of the financial markets, and dominance of the ‘big six’ energy companies, Gen Community helps to alleviate fuel poverty and combat social issues.”

First solar panels installed by co-operative

Green and Blue Tomorrow, 4th Feb 2013

“‘I am renting an ex-council flat, and cannot instal solar PV. The Gen Community offer is an energy related impact investment I am looking for. I am happy that someone else is directly benefitting whilst I am getting a fair return’ – investing member”

‘Bank of Mum’ and Megawatt parties

Respublica, 14th Jan 2013

“Utilising the low carbon community allows for the Bank of Mum model to be scaled up, enabling people across the UK to collectively develop and finance projects, where real benefits are made to the local community.”

German co-operatives lead renewable energy surge

Blue and Green Tomorrow, 10th Jan 2013

“UK projects such as WestmillDrumlin and Newport have all attracted significant investment during their respective share offers and are among those that fly the flag for British community renewables.”

Solar panels set for installation as co-operative hits funding threshold

Blue and Green Tomorrow, 7th Jan 2013

“We are excited to welcome and work with others who want to aid the fight against fuel poverty, and join our social impact community”

UK Solar crowdfunding scheme gains momentum

New Energy World Network, 4th Jan 2013

“We look forward to the New Year and liaising with our pioneering founding investors, who we are so thankful to, for supporting and sharing our vision.”

Community take a shine to solar share issue

The Guardian Social Enterprise Network, 29th Dec 2012

“We believe we can improve the lives of low-income communities through the installation of renewable energy technologies, projects which alleviate fuel poverty, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and dependence on fossil fuels, whilst offering a fair return to investors”

Bid to install solar panels on hundreds of Newport homes

South Wales Argus, 26th Dec 2012

“A Gwent community is helping to raise £390,000 to install solar panels on hundreds of houses.”

City community sells shares in solar energy scheme

The Times, 26th Dec 2012

“Ambitious community-led projects enable people to control, generate and benefit from their own renewable energy and can contribute to a step-change in people’s thinking about energy – a catalyst for a clean energy revolution across the UK”

Keeping it local this Christmas: the rise of the community co-op

The Guardian, 8th Dec 2012

“The project aims to help alleviate fuel poverty for low-income residents through the deployment of community-owned generating capacity. This is projected to reduce annual fuel bills by around £38,000 for 240 homes, equivalent to a circa 25% annual electricity bill reduction.”

Community renewables: creating sustainable wealth with values

Blue & Green Tomorrow, 30th Nov 2012

“Gen Community actively seeks projects in low-income areas, with high fuel poverty levels.”

Newport homes to go solar to cut fuel bills

News Wales, 19th Nov 2012

“Solar panels are to be installed on 240 low income homes in Newport to reduce electricity bills by 25 per cent

New scheme will help to alleviate fuel poverty for 240 homes

Co-operative News, 9th Nov 2012

“For both communities, the ‘Generation Community’ is less reliant on fossil fuels, and community engagement are the principal benefits. At the same time, communities can own and benefit, from this low carbon production, making us better off, environmentally, socially and economically.”

Newport community solar project raises £50,000 in one week

Business Green, 8th Nov 2012

“The UK’s latest community energy initiative has revealed it has raised £50,000 in just one week, after publishing proposals for a £1m solar project in Newport, South Wales.”

Share offer launched for Newport solar project

Solar Power Portal, 5th Nov 2012

“The project will generate 631MWh of clean electricity, leading to 271 tonnes carbon dioxide reductions.”



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