Project principles

Gen Community develops projects for the benefit of communities, specifically targeting low income, fuel poor and excluded areas.

Gen Community projects aim to achieve more than just carbon reductions, with social impact at the core of each development.

Projects aim to:

  • empower individuals and communities to connect their capital with social and environmentally beneficial projects
  • decentralise energy generating capacity
  • fight fuel poverty in low-income communities
  • reduce UK carbon dioxide emissions
  • promote energy usage behaviour change
  • educate communities on low carbon technologies

There are many communities who could benefit from low-carbon energy, such as solar and wind, but do not have the all the resources required to successfully develop projects. Conventional investors and project developers would look to extract maximum income, leaving the community with little reward.

However, Gen Community can fund these projects though investing members to provide share equity, which is leveraged with debt from Big Society Capital Intermediaries to create a legacy income to support further community initiatives and social impact projects in the target area.

Gen Community aims to maximise social gain, whilst ensuring an economically sustainable model.

Targeted outcomes

  • Community’s benefit from low carbon energy and new low-carbon jobs.
  • Members receive a fair rate of interest on their investment.
  • Reduce levels of fuel poverty.
  • Develop community resilience.
  • Lower UK dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Lower carbon emissions.

Each project and share offer will have similar attributes: typically developed in a low income area which exhibit high potential for low-carbon energy and positive social impact.

Potential investors should consider the risks specific to each project.

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