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GCV - a community energy developer and solar asset manager
We help our partners drive long-lasting environmental and social impact through pioneering
sustainability programmes, innovative projects, and portfolio management services

Low Carbon Strategy

We work with companies, local authorities, housing associations and community organisations to develop financially viable strategies for low carbon projects, focused on clear objectives and managed within strong governance structures.

Impact Reporting

As part of our mission, we help partners measure their progress towards sustainability objectives against carefully selected benchmarks. We support this through clear reporting that quantifies and showcases environmental and social impacts.


All about community

As our name implies, we specialise in the use of community investment to circulate value back to the communities in which projects are embedded.


This helps our partners improve engagement with local stakeholders and their residents, and reduce even more carbon.


We have a role to fulfil between community organisations and larger corporate entities, in order to achieve the best outcome for both.

“We are trying to avoid extra (energy) usage between 4pm and 8pm. It’s great to visually see how we are saving and avoiding those peaks. Now that we can actually see what we are saving we are pretty chuffed about how things have progressed’’

Mikey, tenant in Wombwell

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