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Financial Report

Net-Zero Advisory

  • Net-zero carbon & Sustainability strategy

  • Emissions Reduction Road-mapping

  • Social Impact Integration

  • Community Investment / Circular Economy

  • Renewable Energy advice

Asset Management

  • Performance Analysis

  • Baselines & Impact Benchmarking

  • Adaptive forecasting

  • Value at Risk

  • Site-level Profiling

  • Stakeholder Reporting


Project Management

  • Project Scoping

  • Contractual Scoping

  • Budgeting and cost-benefit analysis

  • Milestone Scheduling

  • Stakeholder Coordination

  • Risk Mitigation

Impact Reporting

  • Environmental & Social reports

  • Socio-economic & Environmental baselining

  • Alternative Pathway Analysis

  • Impact Statement Reporting

  • Decision Analysis

"10% of Barnsley households live in fuel poverty. as local council budgets are cash-strapped, we thought this would be a good opportunity to address some of our energy usage in council-owned homes and corporate buildings. By using solar panels and other green technology, we can help cut energy bills while improving the quality of life for our residents"

Councillor Sir Stephen Houghton CBE, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

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